Carpet Maintenance

Maintain your Carpet

Like us, we are certain you would like your carpet to look good for as long as possible. Inevitable wear and tear will occur over time but there are a couple of things you could do to lengthen the life of your carpet. Keep your carpet free from dust and dirt Vacuum your carpet daily to keep any dirt from permanently settling into your carpet pile. Remove any stain/spillage as soon as it occurs. Leaving a stain to dry before attempting to clean it will lessen your chance of successful removal. Get cleaning before it has a chance to stain! (Helpful Guidelines below) Contact a professional carpet cleaner In the event of severe soiling of your carpet, ask a professional cleaner's advice on how to treat it without damaging your carpet.

Customers should always ensure that their household contents insurance fully covers accidental spillage Cleaning Guidance.

Method 1

Remove excess liquid with a clean, white, absorbent material - Use a solution of 1 teaspoon wool detergent to half a pint of warm water and sponge area gently - Rinse with clean, warm water - Blot thoroughly and gently brush the pile to it's natural direction

Method 2

Sponge stain with a household dry-cleaning fluid as directed - Do not soak and keep the room well ventilated

Method 3

Use solution of one part white vinegar, three parts warm water - Leave for 15 minutes - Sponge with clean, warm water - Use a dry cloth for any excess water and brush the pile to it's natural direction Use one of the methods, or a combination for tough stains, to treat any accidental stains as soon as they occur. Professional advice should be sought in the case of severe staining. 

How to clean Polypropylene Carpets with a bleach mix

Important: The only carpet that is safe to use a bleach mix on is a 100% polypropylene carpet. Always check with your Market Carpet Salesperson if you are not sure of your carpets make up. Bleach will lift colour from wool, cord or any other carpet type so it’s really important to make sure your carpet is definitely made only from polypropylene if you don’t want patches. For particularly stubborn stains like ink, red wine and ground-in mud on polypropylene:

Always wear rubber gloves when working with bleach and a mask to protect your respiratory system from the caustic fumes. If possible open a window.

Use a solution of 50% thin domestic bleach/50% tap water in a spray bottle.

Evenly cover the stain and leave for 30 – 60 minutes.

Rinse thoroughly with water.

Use a brush if needed to remove any stubborn dirt.