Terms & Conditions

Customer Information and Terms of Business

Colour Variation

Please be aware that there may be a variation in shade between the image on your monitor or printer and the actual product. Screen images are intended as a guide only and we strongly recommend that you visit one of our stores to view the sample before purchasing.

Payment of goods

Full payment of goods is required before delivery and fitting. We do not operate customer accounts.

Payment must be by credit card or cash. Cheques can only be accepted with a banker’s card, address and 5 days allowed for clearance.

Goods will not be cut until a deposit is paid. Should the order be subsequently changed or cancelled a shop remnant will have been created, therefore the appropriate cost of this reduction will not be refunded.

Free Fitting (fitting inclusive offer)*

Our offer applies to the installation of all domestic carpets, vinyl floor coverings and accessories purchased for fitting locally (within designated post code areas) to any cleared area larger than 12 square metres.

All carpet fitters are self-employed contractors who must comply with our strict standards. They undertake work for Market Carpets on a ‘square metre to be fitted’ basis. They are skilled craftsman, competent in fitting all aspects of floor coverings. The fitting of any floor-covering is a bespoke skill, however there is always a possibility that loose paint-work on skirting boards will become detached during installation and it is a fact that all floor-covering will mould to the shape and contours of the sub-floor with use.

Some fitters are happy and able to carry out non-fitting tasks as listed below at a direct negotiated fee. Any such work agreed with the fitter/contractor is a contract between the fitter and the customer.

* The words ‘free fitting’ are well-established terminology indicating that no extra charge will be added to the goods marked price which has been set to include the costs of the installation of goods, with the following exceptions.

Our Free Fitting* offer does not include:

Any remnant.

Fitting available at extra charge.

The cost of any perimeter fixing materials, door bars and adhesives supplied.

Areas less than 12 sq.-metres.

Fitting available at extra charge

The trimming of doors.

This is a carpentry job which some fitters may undertake at a charge payable direct, however a carpenter is strongly recommended.

The preparation, levelling and repair of floors.

All floors should be repaired and prepared prior to the covering with carpets or vinyl flooring. Loose boards should be fixed firmly by screws to eliminate creaking. It is possible to improve uneven wooden floors by completely covering with hardboard pinned every 30cm. Uneven concrete floors can be screeded with self levelling compound. Market Carpets can only fit to areas presented and accept no responsibility for problems created by any sub floor following the fitting of any floor-covering.

The moving of furniture and appliances.

Rooms should be cleared prior to the fitters arrival. Should the fitter, using his discretion, feel that time will be taken to move and replace furniture, then a direct negotiated fee must be agreed.

The uplift and disposal of existing floor coverings.

Rooms must be cleared of old carpets and floor coverings prior to the arrival of the fitter. Current legislation regarding the disposal of waste is becoming stricter every day.

Market Carpets are only allowed to return waste to a skip for collection and transfer to a landfill site with strict conditions, a carrier of waste licence and a cost.

Should the sales staff feel that they are able to help uplift and remove the old floor coverings, then a negotiated fee must be agreed.

The fitting of commercial/contract work.

Special products are available specifically designed for shops and offices, care homes and letting properties.

This type of product and work is not included in our free-fitting* offer.

Carpet and floor-covering care.

Carpets are made from soft fibre to provide luxury, warmth and sound insulation however they are all vulnerable to pile pressure. Velvet and plush pile carpets are more susceptible whilst cords and loops are more durable. However shading and flattening is not a manufacturing fault.

Stains are always possible. Some manufacturers give the impression that a product may be resistant to stain however Market Carpets know from many years of experience that a fibre-colour reaction following the spillage of coffee, fruit juice, wine and other acids is always a possibility. Spillage is best dealt with immediately by using tissue paper in a non-abrasive manner removing the staining agent without rubbing the pile. It is then important to call in a professional cleaning company. Customers should always ensure that their household contents insurance fully covers accidental spillage.

Vinyl floor coverings are less problematic but care should be taken when moving any furniture or appliance as the flooring can be easily marked by dragging heavy objects across the surface. Sub-floors should be prepared and free of any small bumps or protrusions. Vinyl floors and carpets will not disguise uneven sub-floors.